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Adding an Agent Task to Fix the Active Directory 2008 Management Pack Console Tasks

Hi fellow SCOMmers, a quick tip on how to create a task to add a symbolic link to the C:\Program Files to all your domain controllers. Why?
First a little background:
In the Active Directory 2008 Management pack, it will still try to run some of the console tasks from the wrong folder:

You can always Override the parameter temporarily, but if you do it very frequently, will be a pain. Of course, ideally, Microsoft would fix this at some point, but since we can't change the management pack permanently, a quick way to fix it is to create a symbolic link to the Support Tools folder pointing to C:\Windows\System32, where most of these tools like DCDIAG.EXE are.
So, the steps:
  1. Open the SCOM console
  2. Select the Authoring Area and select Management Pack Objects
  3. Right Click Tasks and select Create a new Task
  4. Name the task, select a target (Active Directory Domain Controller Server 2008), select a proper management pack and configure the command as below and click Create:

Here is the command line parameters text, so you don't yell at me that you can't copy and paste it:
      /c mklink /d "C:\Program Files\Support Tools" %windir%\system32

5.To use the task, select the server in the Monitoring view, under the Windows Active Directory Server state view and click on the task from the Tasks panel on the right:

Hope it helps!

Happy SCOMming

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